The Collaborative Soy Initiative
Vision and mission

The Collaborative Soy Initiative is the result of brainstorm sessions with 31 experts of the soy sector, held in 2016, initiated by RTRS and facilitated by the Malik Management Institute based upon the Syntegration methodology. Discussions focused on what supply chain stakeholders had to do together to achieve 100% sustainable soy products for food, feed and other applications.

The Collaborative Soy Initiative represents an neutral, credible, transparent and inclusive soy community. It is a collaborative framework, referred to as ‘the coalition of the willing’ and it has no legal structure. It was launched and presented to the supply chain stakeholders on 11 June 2019 during the Global Round Table for Responsible Soy RT #14.

The Collaborative Soy Initiative has the vision of 100% conversion-free, sustainable soy production and market uptake, on a global scale.

The mission is tree-fold, namely:
  1. Inform about the actions that are on-going (referring to the 34 Syntegration actions)
  2. Come-up with new actions that are not yet done, but needed
  3. Facilitate the synergies between stakeholder initiatives and actions

The short-term goals are to:

  1. Build an neutral, credible, transparent and inclusive soy community which can motivate and show and share successes over time.
  2. Implement practical common actions to facilitate systemic changes in and beyond the soy supply chain.
  3. Create a market pull for conversion-free, sustainable soy by engaging all influential and willing supply chain stakeholders.
  4. Work together on systemic changes beyond the soy supply chain.

The initiative will provide added value to on-going initiatives and not duplicate efforts nor fund new initiatives. As the mission is stating, the Collaborative Soy Initiative will focus on communication (inform) and actions that foster synergies between stakeholders. All partners will benefit from these synergies in terms of outreach, cost reductions (shared resources/actions), transparency, joined lobby.