From speaking engagements at global conferences to new solutions for stakeholders in the value chain, 2019 was a productive year for the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS). 2020 marks the beginning of a period with new challenges and we would like to take a moment to review the progress made in 2019, which also constitute new opportunities for the Association going forward.
RTRS has been active in developing the “Beyond 2020” RTRS Strategy since April 2019, which will enable the Association to identify the competitive advantages needed to achieve our strategic goals.
Given its role as a global multi-stakeholder platform, RTRS was invited to speak at many and relevant meetings in 2019. To name a few, RTRS was invited to sit at the panel “Ways forward – Overcoming Implementation Challenges” at the Sustainable Consumption for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Worldwide Conference, held by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in Berlin, Germany, and also took part in the European Union Agricultural Outlook Conference, entitled Sustainability from Farm to Fork, organized by the Directorate-General of Agriculture and Rural Development in Brussels, Belgium. The Association also participated In the OECD-FAO pilot project “Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains”, concluded in late 2019. These meetings enabled RTRS to raise awareness and highlight the valuable role played by multi-stakeholder initiatives. This was also reflected in RT14, RTRS’ Annual Conference, which brought together 270 participants from 150 organizations and 20 countries, and in the Brazilian Task Forces, which gather tens of representatives from over 30 organizations in Brazil’s soy value chain.
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